Monday, February 27, 2012

Dr. Seuss Party!

After pinning every Dr. Seuss idea on Pinterest over the last 2 1/2 months, yesterday was the big day! Everything turned out really cute and the kids seemed to have a great time. I have to admit this was one of the most fun parties we've done.Dr. Seuss is so colorful and whimsical, that I had a lot of fun planning it.

I had bought colorful, hats, wigs and boas and when the guests arrived, we took everyone's picture! Our older daughter dressed as the Cat!
The cupcakes were easy. We did red velvet and white that I colored into green and blue. We did white with a chocolate circle for "green eggs and ham", blue tall frosting for Thing 1&2 hair, white with a pink dum dum sucker for "Horton Hears a Who." And, some that were frosted in yellow with cupcake picks. I couldn't find any cute Seuss picks, so I made my own using toothpicks and foam stickers I found at Michaels. Very bright and colorful.
My favorite was the candy buffet. My original goal was to only have one in red and blue, but there was so much cute stuff that in the end I did a smaller one with green, yellow and orange for "Green Eggs and Ham." Tip: Party City sells popular candy in bins for something like 15 for a $1. I bought my pixie sticks, laffy taffy and stuff there, so I could pick thru for only the colors that I needed. The wall decals are from Target.
We made a ton of these tissue paper poofs. They look just like the top of the Truffula trees found in the Seuss illustrations! They added lots of color and whimsy to the party. So easy to make that our 10 year old and her friends made all of them. We hung them with fishing line and clear thumbtacks.

Goodie bags were just red sacks with their names in cute Dr. Seuss letters that I found at our local teacher store. Inside were Dr. seuss pencils and bookmarks. A small snacksized carton of the colored Goldfish crackers and homeade soap tinted blue with a plastic goldfish inside. I'd never made soap before, but I bought all the supplies at Hobby Lobby and just followed the instructions. It was so easy and turned out really cute.

Yink clip-art printed on a sticker sheet made a cute label for the sparkling pink lemonade.
We wrapped the water bottles with red duct tape and added circle of cardstock punched out with a decorative 1 1/2 inch punch with a Dr. Seuss sticker in the center.

"Hop on Pop"-Popcorn
All the food had fun descriptions that I put in clothespins with foam Seuss stickers. The clothespins will stand on their own and make great placecard or food card holders.
I didn't really get any good pics of the games because I was so busy! But, we had pin the heart on the Grinch, we tossed a ping pong ball in to fish bowls, and play the Cat in the Hat game that I bought online from Amazon. Lots of fun was had by all, but the best part...

One happy birthday girl!!

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